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Regenerative Health Institute is leading the integrative practice with chiropractic, medical, regenerative medicine, and medical aesthetics, setting us apart from others in the field. We take a holistic approach, viewing the body as a unified entity from the inside out. This distinguishes us in terms of treating relief care versus corrected care. Rather than solely focusing on fixing the issue, we delve into the underlying causes.

One notable collaboration involved Regenerative Health Institute working alongside Regenative Labs and Baylor University on a groundbreaking study concerning Wharton's jelly and its impact on nonsurgical outcomes. PENSACOLA, Fla., Aug. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Regenative Labs, a leading HCT/P manufacturer, has co-authored a pioneering paper together with experts from The Institute of Regenative Medicine and the Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, Baylor College of Medicine. This research aimed to enhance the results of nonsurgical approach through the application of regenerative medicine techniques. By utilizing Wharton's jelly, a substance found in umbilical cords known for its regenerative properties, the study sought to prevent and improve post-surgical recovery and reduce complications.

Our approach offers the convenience of receiving comprehensive care in one location, eliminating the need for multiple appointments with different specialists. Combining chiropractic and medical practices has been shown to yield superior outcomes, supported by research. Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of integrating chiropractic and medical treatments, such as improved pain management, enhanced functional recovery, and increased patient satisfaction.

By integrating various medical disciplines and actively participating in research collaborations, Regenerative Health Institute strives to provide advanced and effective care that addresses the root causes of health issues while offering convenience and better outcomes to our patients.


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